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Pirate Woman by Viola RussellThe Unveiling of Amber

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New Orleans native, Amber Thorpe, is shocked when she learns that her boyfriend, Tyler, cheated on her and then uploaded videos of their sexual encounters online. The situation worsens when the school employing her learns of her indiscretion and fires her. Devastated, she visits her grandmother in Austin where she meets mysterious Winston Hurley, a scarred man who plays guitar like someone possessed of either an angelic or demonic spirit. 

Winston, who maintains a home in New Orleans, asks Amber to “housesit” for him, and Amber finds herself in a bizarre, sadomasochistic relationship with the physically and emotionally scarred guitarist. As she falls into the dangerous but sensual relationship, Amber realizes that Winston Hurley is not what he seems and may be harboring a dangerous secret. Life then becomes even more dangerous and complicated when Julian, Winston’s handsome son, enters their lives.  


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